Updated drivers and hostapd -> two handles (wlan and mon.wlan) on the AP interface

Panagiotis Georgopoulos panos
Thu Jun 3 03:32:52 PDT 2010

Hello all,


 I very recently had to uninstall madwifi drivers (ath_pci) and use ath5k
instead for my wireless card in ubuntu due to frequent kernel panics when
using hostapd for a few hours. In addition, I had to move from hostapd
0.6.10 to 0.7.2 due to a bug in hostapd's code, as far as I understand it,
with the nl80211 driver. From that point on, I see a lot of probe requests
and probe replies on my hostapd debug output, which I am guessing is due to
the drivers' update. This is very annoying but I am afraid that apart from
the fact there is nothing I can do about it (I still want to run hostapd in
debug mode), it is not the only problem.


The problem I am having is that now, when I run hostapd 0.7.2 with ath5k I
get two handles on my Access Point interface (note that I do not get them
before running hostapd). So, I see my AP card appearing in ifconfig and
Wireshark's list of interface as wlan1 and mon.wlan1 which is very annoying
because in Wireshark, each one shows a subset of the wireless communication!
(it seems that one shows the incoming traffic and one the outgoing, but I am
not 100% certain for this) 


Has anyone experienced that and -hopefully- solved this? It is very
difficult to debug the conversation of my wpa_supplicant clients with the
hostapd AP (e.g. all the EAP-TLS conversation) without seeing the packets in
a sequential list in one instance of Wireshark. 


                Thanks very much in advance,




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