pkcs#12 loading without using openssl or gnutls libary

Dan Williams dcbw
Wed Jan 27 14:34:42 PST 2010

On Wed, 2010-01-27 at 10:36 +0900, ??? wrote:
> Hi, all
> Is there any method to load pkcs#12 private key file without using
> openssl or gnutls library ?  
> Your information will be much help for me.

Probably not.  Those libraries implement the key parsing and decryption
routines necessary to actually use the private key.  If you can't unwrap
or decrypt the private key, there's no way you can use it.  There are
other libraries like NSS that do this too, but what you're asking is to
use PKCS#12 keys without having any of the code that handles PKCS#12

If all you want to do is walk the structure without decrypting the
private key or something, I think there's a libasn1 that can help, but
you can't extract anything out of the file since it's likely shrouded


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