[PATCH] driver_bsd.c: Clean up EAPOL frame transmission code

Masashi Honma honma
Sun Jan 17 16:10:24 PST 2010

(2010/01/16 18:52), Jouni Malinen wrote:
> However, unless I missed something, it would be even better to just get
> rid of all the Ethernet header processing in driver_bsd.c and use
> l2_packet without asking the header to be included (i.e., changing the
> last argument to l2_packet_init to 0). The current version seems to be
> requesting l2_packet to include the Ethernet header and then remove this
> in driver_bsd on receive add add it for transmit both of which can
> already be done in l2_packet_freebsd.c and as such, could be removed
> from driver_bsd.c.
> Even better solution would be to support data vector in transmit (inside
> l2_packet_send) to avoid the extra allocation. However, I do not know
> whether this can be done with pcap.

Thank you for your advices. I'll try it.

Masashi Honma.

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