[PATCH] dbus: Change WPA/RSNIE byte array props to dicts

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Jan 12 05:54:51 PST 2010

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 01:53:42PM +0100, Witold Sowa wrote:

> - removed "aes128cmc" cipher option since it only applies to management
> group cipher which we don't expose.

Please note that APs may require management frame protection to be
enabled and there needs to be a way for the client to figure that out.
Now, it would need to go through the IEs property and parse RSN IE to

> I still have some doubts about key management
> 1) Is it ok to expose all psk suites (PSK, FT_PSK and PSK_SHA256) as
> the same value "wpa-psk"? Same for wpa-eap

What would this value be used for? Please note that when adding a
network, the key_mgmt value will need to either include all allowed
options or have the correct value. In other words, if the BSS entry has
"wpa-psk", but the AP is configured to allow only PSK with SHA256,
key_mgmt=WPA-PSK will not result in connection.

> 2) How should we interpret and expose key management with
> WPA_KEY_MGMT_NONE flag set in ie_data->key_mgmt?

This value does not show up in struct wpa_ie_data that is parsed from a
WPA or RSN IE, i.e., it is only used internally to indicate that
WPA/RSN/IEEE 802.1X is not used.

> +	<h3>WPA - a{sv} - (read)</h3>
> +	<p>WPA information of the BSS. Empty dictionary indicated no WPA support. Dictionary entries are:</p>
> +	  <tr><td>KeyMgmt</td><td>as</td><td>Possible array elements: "wpa-psk", "wpa-eap", "none"</td>

What is "none"? Is this referring to WPA-None? If so, it should be

> +	<h3>RSN - a{av} - (read)</h3>
> +	<p>RSN information of the BSS. Empty dictionary indicated no RSN support. Dictionary entries are:</p>
> +	  <tr><td>KeyMgmt</td><td>as</td><td>Possible array elements: "wpa-psk", "wpa-eap", "none"</td>

"none" is not a valid value for KeyMgmt in case of RSN.

In addition, an array of suite selectors would be clearer way
to indicate the exact values used in the BSS. If we need to use some
kind of simplified version of that, the documentation should describe
how the real value is mapped to these possible values used here. It
should also be understood that this is a one way mapping and you cannot
get from this value to correct network configuration block with explicit
key_mgmt parameter needed by some drivers.

> -	<h3>WPSIE - ay - (read)</h3>
> -	<p>WPS information element of the BSS. The second byte contain number of bytes following it.</p>
> +	<h3>IEs - ay - (read)</h3>
> +	<p>All IEs of the BSS as a chain of TLVs</p>

It might be worthwhile to continue including the WPSIE, or well, rename
it to WPSTLVs etc. since it may be concatenated from more than one WPS
IE. Alternatively, we should consider adding another property for
providing some parsed WPS information so that the client would not need
to use IEs to figure out whether WPS is enabled in the BSS.

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