wpa_supplicant in adhoc WPA-PSK mode

Ujjal Roy royujjal
Tue Jan 12 03:51:51 PST 2010

 Hi Jouni Malinen,

Is it possible to act supplicant as an authenticator? If yes, then how?
If we enable the flag CONFIG_AP, how the supplicant changed?


On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 06:15:55PM +0530, Ujjal Roy wrote:

 I found the supplicant is OK to work with IBSS RSN. But is the
hostapd 0.7 supports IBSS RSN(If I can create that one)? Is there
any code in hostapd, that will response the supplicant's 4-way
handshake messages in IBSS RSN security mode?

 hostapd? What would you use hostapd for here? It is only to support AP
mode.. When you enabled IBSS RSN in wpa_supplicant, you will get both
the Supplicant and Authenticator functionality included into the
wpa_supplicant build.
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