[PATCH] dbus: Change WPA/RSNIE byte array props to dicts

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Mon Jan 11 16:14:55 PST 2010

Hi Witold,

> Here is my proposition of implementation changes to WPA/RSN BSS
> properties we discussed earlier. Please take a look at this and
> say whether it makes sense to you. Especially, take a look at 
> mapping key management and group/pairwise ciphers to strings in
> wpas_dbus_get_bss_security_prop function.

I think we need to make the KeyMgmt strings match up with the ones we
use in the Interface capabilities.

> I've removed all three *IE properties and added WPA, RSN dict
> properties and IEs byte array property with raw all IEs. We have
> PropertyChanged notification for all three new props. That implies
> that WPA or RSN prop change notification will never be sent alone.
> It will always go hand in hand with IEs prop change notification.

Looks good to me. Do you wanna use the short name IEs or better a long
one called InformationElements?

I saw some spelling mistakes in the documentation. You mind wanna have a
second look there.



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