madwifi_process_wpa_ie: Failed to get WPA/RSN IE

Pavel Roskin proski
Sat Jan 9 01:51:23 PST 2010

On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 11:16 +0800, Peter Zhou wrote:

> ioctl[unknown???]: Invalid argument
> madwifi_process_wpa_ie: Failed to get WPA/RSN IE

It looks like the IEEE80211_IOCTL_GETWPAIE request is failing with
-EINVAL.  MadWifi would process it in ieee80211_ioctl_getwpaie(), which
would fail if the request size mismatches what MadWifi expects.

Maybe sizeof(struct ieee80211req_wpaie) is different in userspace and in
the kernel for your platform?

Perhaps the easiest solution would be to apply this patch to MadWifi and
recompile both MadWifi and hostapd.  Please report if it made any
difference for you.

If it doesn't help, please print iwr-> and sizeof(wpaie) in
the beginning of ieee80211_ioctl_getwpaie() in MadWifi.

Index: net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.h
--- net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.h	(revision 4103)
+++ net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.h	(working copy)
@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@
 	u_int8_t	wpa_macaddr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
 	u_int8_t	wpa_ie[IEEE80211_MAX_OPT_IE];
 	u_int8_t	rsn_ie[IEEE80211_MAX_OPT_IE];
+} __packed;
  * Retrieve per-node statistics.

Pavel Roskin

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