802.11r question, maybe bug?

Marcin Marzec etagh
Tue Jan 5 17:59:38 PST 2010


If we want to make 802.11r network we need at least 2 AP. And those AP shoud 
be connected to one IP network, so they shoud have bridged interfaces wlan0 
+ eth0 = br0 with one IP addess and also one MAC address. When client 
connects with one AP, it should send packets with PMK-R1 key to another APs. 
It is implemented by sending L2 packets. AP1 sends L2 packet to AP2 MAC 
address. But i found that this packet is going to wlan0 interface only. So 
the packet go to air but never comes to AP2 because there is no connection 
between AP1 and AP2 by air.

Am I right? If yes, then this is a bug.

Best regards,
Marcin Marzec 

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