Issues with new D-Bus API

Witold Sowa witold.sowa
Sun Jan 3 21:16:05 PST 2010

Marcel Holtmann pisze:
> Hi Witold,
>>>> 3) For some reason the new debug properties don't work in d-feet.
>>> Works for me. Take note that d-feet doesn't show properties which value
>>> is zero or false. If you run wpa_supplicant with -dd option then all
>>> debug properties are zero or false. Try using other DBus debugger like
>>> qdbusviewer or get these properties some other way then with d-feet.
>> You are right, d-feet is utterly stupid in this area.
>> However we always include RSNIE, WPAIE and WPSIE all the time now. At
>> least it seems they are in the introspection data. However the Get call
>> then fails. Or something similar. I haven't really debugged this yet.
> so I looked into this right now. And the introspection data contains the
> property while we are not returning it in GetAll or in the properties
> included in the BSSAdded signal.
> This behavior is fully consistent to what we had before. I prefer it
> this way, but this means we have to NOT include these properties in the
> introspection data.

We can't have some properties of the interface exposed in one object and
not exposed in another. Interface should be well defined and shouldn't
change between objects.
There was a bug in IEs getters which caused to return empty message when
no IE was present, and so there was no those properties in GetAll dict.
It's fixed now (in my git), so the getters return an empty array if no
IE is present in BSS.


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