Issues with DebugLevel and AuthAlg properties

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Fri Jan 1 12:27:04 PST 2010

Hi Jouni,

> > 1) The DebugLevel is always exported as 2 when accessing a newly started
> > wpa_supplicant. Maybe I am missing something, but I would expect that it
> > starts with 0 unless I specified -d on the command line.
> The default debug level is MSG_INFO, i.e., 2. -d on command line
> decreases this to 1 (MSG_DEBUG) and -dd to 0 (MSG_MSGDUMP) (similarly,
> -q increases the level to 3 (MSG_WARNING), and -qq to 4 (MSG_ERROR). In
> other words, the larger the number, the less verbose debug output.

that is totally confusing. I would expect it exactly the other way

> > 2) The AuthAlg capabilities list is empty. I am testing this on a 2.6.31
> > kernel with an Intel 5350 card. Is that a kernel issue or some other
> > weird coincidence I am not aware of?
> This is caused by missing code in driver_nl80211.c (and _wext for that
> matter), i.e., the authentication algorithm capabilities are not set.
> I'll fix this somehow (i.e., likely just hardcode all options to be
> enabled for now).

That explains it.



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