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I want to build up a RSN pre-authentication test-bed using:

2 Nodes (MR1, MR2) for AP: 2 atheros cards, madwifi 0.9.4, one 11b/g for AP (ath1), one 11a (ath0) for the connection between APs. one of them (MR1) is connected to the Free-radius server through wired connection, MR2 is connected with MR1 using 11a card in ad-hoc mode.
1 Client: 1 atheros card, madwifi 0.9.4, wpa_supplicant 0.6.10. 

WPA2 EAP-TTLS-PEAP is used, and the regular authentication works for both MR1 and MR2, I wrote a small tool to manually make the client do the pre-authentication with another AP using the wpa_supplicant interface control command "PREAUTH bssid", the "bssid" is the bssid of another AP(unassociated one). Also I configured the "rsn_preauth_interfaces=ath0" in the hostapd conf file (of cause I enabled rsn_preauth).

when the manual command is sent, wpa_supplicant showed it started the pre-auth procedure, but the current associated AP (make it MR1) didn't show any debugging message. And if I changed the conf of the hostapd to "rsn_preauth_interfaces=ath0 ath1" (according to the comments, ath1 should not be added), MR1 can receive the pre-authentication message but showed "RSN: pre-auth for foreign address " . 

Does anyone know how to setup a successful RSN pre-authentication environment?



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