Main documentation on ath9k+802.11n

Dennis Borgmann dennis.borgmann
Mon Feb 22 05:02:00 PST 2010

Hi linux-wireless list,
hi hostap list!

I am trying to get a 802.11n-network as test running. I want to test the
highest throughput, that I can do with this setup to see, what could be
possible for me.

My setup is a Senao EMP-7605 card and ath9k with a
Thanks to Jouni Malinen, I am now using the latest snapshot of
hostapd-0.6.10. If I start hostapd, my Lenovo Thinkpad(I think, there is
an Intel card running inside there) can find the network, that I
established with ath9k, but another Senao EMP-7905 with the same setup
as mentioned above won't find the wireless network at all, even during a
scan. If I do an iperf between the Lenovo and the board, that runs the
AP with hostapd, I get throughput rates of about 6 Mbit/s. iwconfig on
the Lenovo shows the bitrate set to "0" - meaning auto.

I cannot find valuable documentation about setting up a wireless-link
with ath9k using 802.11n-capabilities. Is there any hint, that someone
could give me or a webpage that I could be pointed to? I just want to do
some speed-tests, but even the "ht_kapab"-field of hostapd leaves me
without any knowledge, what to put in there...

Any help would be appreciated!

Very kind regards,
Dennis Borgmann

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