Android & talking to wpa_supplicant for TTLS / PEAP / TLS (Runtime+wpa_cli / JNI / LocalSocket(Unix domain socket) / wpa_supplicant.conf?)

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Fri Feb 19 23:27:37 PST 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 11:50:10PM +0100, A?ron Jansen (Gmail) wrote:

> I would like to connect to a WPA2-EAP secured network (with authentication methods TTLS / PEAP / TLS), but since the device will be used by several users, the user credentials will be supplied by the user in my app, instead of by wpa_suplicant.conf.

> - Solution 3: Talking directly to the control interface of wpa_suplicant using Unix domain sockets. I found that the Android API supplies us with the LocalSocket class for this. However, I have no idea how to cummunicate with the wpa_supplicant control interface domain socket. (I will also post this on a wpa_supplicant forum). 

Please take a look at

You can configure rest of the network parameters, but leave out identity
and password in which case, wpa_supplicant will request those when they
are needed (see "Interactive requests" on the page).

Alternatively, you can build the full network configuration using the
control interface (see ADD_NETWORK, SET_NETWORK,

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