WLAN stops responding

Tomislav Parčina tomislav.parcina
Fri Feb 19 00:52:17 PST 2010

Hi list!

On Ubuntu 9.10 server I have installed hostapd prom GIT (18. 02.
2010.). I'm using D-Link DWA-556 wireless network card with Atheros
AR5008 chipset and I'm using ath9k driver.

When I start hostapd client is able to ping the wireless nic of
hostapd (AP). And as long as there is some communication, everything
is working fine.

When there is no communication between the client and AP, after a
minute or two I can't ping the AP anymore.

Since at the beginning it's working and after some time of inactivity
it fails, I assume it's a BUG. How can I troubleshoot this?

If you need any more informations, please let me know so that I can
provide them.

Best regards!


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