WPS with WPA Algorithm : TKIP + AES

santosh kumar upadhyaya upadhyayasantosh
Tue Feb 2 06:52:25 PST 2010

Hi All,
I am using wpa_supplicnat version 0.6.9 with WPS.

I am trying to connect with Linksys WRT54 G2 AP with configuration as:

Security Mode : WPA2 Personal
WPA Algorithm:  AES

It works fine for me.

Where as If I change the WPA Algorithm to : TKIP + AES , it does not connect with the AP.

I am able to get through M1-M8 . But finally when parsing the credencials it finds it as unsupported auth type and the type is 0.

The debug print is as below.

WPS: Ignored credentials for unsupported authentication type 0 

So, Is this behavior correct .
Does WPS work with TKIP + AES as WPA Algorithm ??


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