Is TTLS-NONE / TTLS-GTC actually working?

Cainikov, Andrej Andrej.Cainikov
Thu Dec 2 02:49:19 PST 2010


We are working towards improvement of TTLS related issues with Android phones. During some analysis and investigation we have found that none of the Androids from various vendors are working with TTLS-NONE and TTLS-GTC, while there is no problems with other configurations like TTLS-PAP, TTLS-MD5 and TTLS-MSCHAP. Basically, none of other phase 2 authentication options are working for TTLS as phase 1.
Surfing the internet for possible hints, all valuable info that can be found are standards and some Radius configuration file examples, which we was unable to test even with laptop. Looking at the supplicant logs it looks like it's trying to use different phase2 mechanism instead of GTC, which shows that this is supplicant issue.

So, the actual question is.. Is actually anyone using TTLS-NONE or TTLS-GTC? Someone of you guys got it ever working? How to test it? Links, configuration files for both Radius and supplicant (please state the version) will be highly appreciated.


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