Source code changes in wpa_supplicant

Harshil Anil Kumar Shah Harshil_Shah
Thu Aug 26 23:29:28 PDT 2010


I am currently wpa_supplicant 0.6.10 for EAP-TLS. But I want to modify EAP-TLS so that my mobile wpa_supplicant will authorize another laptop as proxy wpa_supplicant by sending its random and credentials. So after that laptop wpa_supplicant will do handshake with Freeradius server on behalf of mobile wpa_supplicant. At last only "Success" message will be sent to mobile by laptop wpa_supplicant.

So I want to modify the TLS code on laptop so that it uses the credentials that I have sent from my mobile rather than its own. So I need to understand the complete function flow of EAP-TLS authentication on wpa_supplicant.

Please help me.

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