new dbus api coalesces state change

Witold Sowa witold.sowa
Thu Aug 19 18:10:43 PDT 2010

Sam Leffler pisze:
> The coalescing of PropertiesChanged signals is great but doing this
> for State's means the client has to infer missing states.
>  Unfortunately the way things are implemented it's not simple to just
> flush a pending signal in the lowest level of the dbus code where it's
> easy to recognize this as the state has already been changed.  Any
> suggestions on how to handle this?  Or is it expected the client will
> just infer all the missing state transitions? (can be hard and lead to
> problems)
> -Sam
Hi Sam,

You may look at wpa_dbus_flush_object_changed_properties function in
dbus_new_helpers.c. A pending PropertiesChanged signal will be sent
immediately when this function is called. We might add it to
wpas_notify_state_changed in notify.c so PropertyChanged will be sent
immediately every time state changes. Or actually, we could put it into
some new function in dbus_new.c like wpas_dbus_signal_state_changed and
call if from wpas_notify_state_changed.


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