Hostapd EAP-FAST PAC-Info lacks I-ID attribute

Lundberg, Justin justin.lundberg
Tue Aug 17 12:28:39 PDT 2010

Does anyone know why the EAP-FAST server in hostapd-0.6.6 does not
the I-ID attribute as part of the PAC-Info during provisioning?

The PAC-Opaque is currently explicitly bound to the user it was issued
in hostapd-0.6.6 but my reading of RFC5422 Section 4.2.4 is that if the
PAC is not usable by multiple users (a "global" PAC in some of the
documentation I have seen) that the I-ID must be included with the
PAC-Info TLV. While I will not claim that all of the text describing the
I-ID seems particularly clear; in practice Cisco ACS is just sending the
user name (which in the case I have observed is just ASCII or UTF-8
in the I-ID attribute. However, the following excerpt from RFC5422 4.2.4
seems to unambiguously state that hostapd should be including the I-ID
given that the hostapd issued PAC-Opaque is bond to a single user. 

	If the I-ID is missing from the PAC-Info, it is assumed that the
	Tunnel PAC can be used for multiple users and the peer will not
	enforce the unique-Tunnel-PAC-per-user policy.

Given, that the Wi-Fi Alliance is already doing interoperability testing
with hostapd-0.6.6 I plan to extend the client code to treat the hostapd
PAC as if the PAC-Info included the I-ID attribute.

After reading through RFC5422 I suspect that hostapd could just include
the I-ID attribute and be fully complaint. Has anyone else encountered


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