[PATCH] sme: Check for prev_bssid from sme_event_disasso

SJB89@Drexel.edu sjb89
Wed Aug 11 13:54:27 PDT 2010

Thank you for your rapid response, Mr. Ortiz.

After applying your patch and recompiling, I unfortunately see no change in
the behavior
of wpa_supplicant.  With key_mgmt=PSK, a node will associate with a BSSID
but will still
experience an authentication timeout roughly ten seconds later.  Similarly,
key_mgmt=NONE, a node still continuously searches for an IBSS network to
join, and
wpa_supplicant prints "Invalid key management type (16)."  The process
mentioned in my
original posting still succeeds in setting up an IBSS with proto=RSN.
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