[wpa_supplicant] Ad-Hoc/IBSS with 3+ Nodes

SJB89@Drexel.edu sjb89
Wed Aug 4 05:55:42 PDT 2010

Dan - Thanks for the info.  Surprisingly, the output from iwconfig is
identical on all nodes.  I've done a little more testing since my original
post and found the following (assuming three nodes only, and using
group=CCMP in wpa_supplicant.conf):

If nodes A and B come "up" first, they can communicate as expected.  When C
comes up, the A and B retain their communication.  If, for example, A tries
to ping C, a series of ARP requests - varying in number between 4 and 30+ -
are sent from A looking for C's MAC address, along with the
ICMP_ECHO_REQUEST packets expected from running 'ping.'  Eventually, 1-10
ARP replies will be sent by C and communication between C and A will
resemble the communication between A and B previously (low latency, no
packet loss). However, the process of sending these ARP requests causes the
first n packets, where n is roughly equal to the number of ARP requests sent
by A, to not reach their destination.  If A needs to now communicate with B
again, the same ARP request scenario occurs, even though there is already an
entry for B in A's ARP table.

Manually setting static ARP tables does not fix the problem.  Additionally,
A and B can not simultaneously communicate with C - only the first node to
successfully pass traffic to and from C can.  It appears that there is a
pairwise authentication occurring that adjusts when a new pair begins

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