CRDA installation problem

Tomislav Parčina tomislav.parcina
Mon Apr 12 01:53:59 PDT 2010

Hi lists!

I hope this is the right list to ask a question. If it isn't, sorry
for this e-mail, and please point me to the right list.

I'm making fresh hostap installation on Ubuntu 9.10 server i386. I
have stuck in installing CRDA from GIT. When I execute make I get this
error: Makefile:62: *** Cannot find development files for any
supported version of libnl.  Stop.

Version of libnl was 1.1-5. So I have uninstall it and install 1.1-3
version. But I still get the same error.

What version of libnl I need to have to install CRDA from GIT?

Best regards!


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