Triggering scripts in hostapd_cli

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Sep 30 15:19:40 PDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 01:49:05PM +0200, Gregory Detal wrote:

> I'm currently looking to include in hostapd_cli an option that triggers a 
> script when a client is connected or disconnected.  In fact, the same 
> functionality of the -a option in wpa_cli but in hostapd_cli.
> Before I start to develop this option, I would like to know if:
> 1) has somebody already done it?

I have not heard of such implementation yet, but I may add the wpa_msg()
calls soon(ish) to send the notification messages that would be needed
for this functionality since I need them for other purposes anyway.

> 2) how technically should I proceed? Is the control interface  
> (ctrl_iface.c) in hostap as developped as the one in wpa_supplicant?

hostapd ctrl_iface is somewhat behind the one in wpa_supplicant, but I
think it can handle wpa_msg() events now. In other words, it should be
enough to add wpa_msg() calls with a prefix defined in wpa_ctrl.h into
the proper places for association/disassociation and then add the
'wpa_cli -a' like functionality into hostapd_cli.

> 3) Is somebody interessted in having my source code contribution, when 
> this is done?

Assuming it is licensed in compatible way, yes.

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