new, issue

Holger Schurig hs4233
Wed Sep 23 00:18:39 PDT 2009

> Line 19: invalid/unknown driver 'mac80211'
> Line 19: invalid/unknown driver 'nl80211'
> I've gotten the rest of the config to "work" with madwifi as the driver, 

There's no "mac80211".

For "nl80211", you'd need to compile hostapd according,
as Dan already pointed out.

But neither work with madwifi as driver, because madwifi
doesn't use nl80211/cfg80211/mac80211, it has it's own
IEEE802.11 stack. Use ath5k instead.

Oh, and search the mailing list archive, your problem has
already been solved. There have been links posted to
nice web-pages that describe the setup step-by-step.


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