BUG: can bring wpa_supplicant/mac80211 into a stuck state at will

Holger Schurig hs4233
Tue Sep 22 02:23:36 PDT 2009

Another thing that might be related:

Start with freshly loaded modules (ath5k, mac80211, ath, cfg80211).

script -c "./wpa_supplicant -i eth1 -D wext -t -c mnfunk.conf -d" 1

Wait till "ping" works

script -c "./wpa_supplicant -i eth1 -D wext -t -c mnfunk.conf -d" 2

On the second try, it takes 15 seconds till
I'm connected and ping works again.

Maybe some state isn't clear at the implicit "ifdown XXX down"
that wpa_supplicant does when terminating?


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