Holger Schurig hs4233
Mon Sep 21 02:35:54 PDT 2009

> i start integrate hostap to our project

Really?  Don't confuse "hostap" and "hostapd".

"hostap" is an old driver for WLAN cards using Prism-chipsets.

"hostapd" is a user-space tool that allows a Linux box to act as 
an Access-Point, with a bunch of different WLAN cards, not only 
ones supported by the above mentioned "hostap" driver.

Read more about this on

> i don't understand if i need to write the driver_wext that
> will support AssocReq or IWEVREGISTERED

Which WLAN card do you use?

driver_wext.c can only be used by wpa_supplicant, e.g. to be a 
station. It isn't used directly in hostapd-mode. However, a 
bunch of other driver-files build on and extend driver_wext.c, 
do a "grep driver_wext.h src/drivers/*.c" to see which ones. 
Some of them allow AP mode, e.g. driver_madwifi, driver_hostap 
and driver_prism54.

However, if you do a new product, crap this. Use linux-2.6.31, a 
mac80211 based card, iw and hostapd with nl80211 instead. That 
makes your product future proof. Right now you're investing in 
outdated, obsolete technic.

> i can't see any treatment of this in the driver_wext.c file

What treatment do you mean?  AFAIK EV_REGISTERED is 

> can some one tell me what is the exact wext command I need to
> support for establish connection what is the stage  and so on

Yeah, if you pay me 50000 EUR :-)  That is too broad a question.


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