EAP + EAPOL state machines

Paul Roit plroit
Sat Sep 19 01:01:55 PDT 2009

Dear Developers,

I've been poking around the internals of wpa_supplicant
using the eapol_test propgram. I debugged a client trying to
access an AP that was used as a pass-through to connect
to a RADIUS server. All stationed on my localhost.

The process was revolving state machines SUPP_PAE,
KEY_RX, SUPP_BE, and the peer's state machine

Could you please elaborate on the meaning of the first three?
What is PAE, KEY_RX and BE?

rfc 4137 only mentiones peer's sm and a full-authenticator
 (in a pass through mode). Which sm is responsible for what?

thanks a lot!

Best regards,
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