[PATCH] roaming: get current RSSI

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Sep 15 07:39:49 PDT 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 01:17:17PM +0200, Holger Schurig wrote:
> Allows wpa_supplicant to fetch the RSSI from the WEXT and
> NL80211 driver. This can be used in roaming code.

Thanks! This looks otherwise reasonable, but the name of the operation
"get_rssi" is quite confusing. The returned value seems to be something
else than RSSI. In case of WEXT, I have no idea what the value would be
with most drivers (qual field used?). In case of nl80211, the value
seems to be received signal power in dBm from the last frame received
from the AP.

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