Confirmation needed

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Sep 9 09:19:27 PDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 15:06 +0200, Tomislav Par?ina wrote:
> Hi list!
> As far as I see on this web page
> HostAP supports Linux mac80211 drivers.

You mean hostapd.  HostAP is a driver for Prism chipset.

>  That should include b4d
> driver.

You mean b43.

>  And, according to this page
> Asus WL-138G v2 card then should be supported.
> So, can you please confirm (or deny) that HostAP supports Asus WL-138G
> v2 PCI card.

I don't have that card, but here's what we can consider:

Asus WL-138G v2 is listed on  Normally devices are
not listed there unless there is a definite evidence that the card

The Linux driver for Asus WL-138G v2 distributed on the Asus support
page is for broadcom chipset (it's a non-free driver).  No drivers for
for other chipsets are offered for download.  Likewise, the Vista driver
is for Broadcom only.

b43 doesn't support 802.11n devices yet, but Asus WL-138G v2 is not
advertised as an 802.11n capable device.

So there are good chances that the device is indeed supported by b43.

b43 supports master mode for all devices it supports, as you can see in
b43_wireless_init() in drivers/net/wireless/b43/main.c in the Linux
sources.  b43 is mac80211 based, so it should support nl80211.

Thus b43 Asus WL-138G v2 should work with hostapd.

Pavel Roskin

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