Dynamic VLAN assignment success

Maxence Dalmais maxence.dalmais
Mon Nov 23 10:29:44 PST 2009

Hi folks,

I am currently testing dynamic VLAN assignment with hostap and nl80211.
It was hard, but I success. The hostapd version is the current hostap 0.7
developpement branch and the compat-wirelless version is too the current dev
branch compat-wireless-2009-11-23.tar.bz2.

To whom it may interess, the procedure is describe in part 1 :
If not, please go to part 2 ;)

part 1:

your hostap.vlan conf file has to be like this for vlan between 1 and 4.
1      vlan1
2      vlan2
3      vlan3
4      vlan4

Don't create the vlan before running hostap.Don't change your hostap.vlan
file with wlan1.# or something else.
If you want to assign IP to your VLAN interface, do it after hostap has been
If you get a DHCP, launch it after hostap has been launch.

part 2 :
For the developper,
is it normal that if the vlan already exist (before hostap lauches), the
client won't be added into the vlan ?

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