WPA2 Issues in Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

Bryan Moore moore.bryan
Thu Nov 19 11:52:13 PST 2009

There are *many* questions regarding some basic networking problems in
Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 and the forum (http://www.ubuntuforum.org/)
provided me little direction in this single case, so I thought I'd go to the

It would *seem* there is a problem with wpa_supplicant in Ubuntu right now;
some, me being one, are having *serious *networking issues when using WPA2.
There are some threads discussing it and a bug has been filed in Launchpad,
but most focus on a Network-Manager issue rather than wpa_supplicant. Some
have also reported the issue either greatly diminishes or disappears
completely when switching from WPA2 to WPA.

Could you advise me where to begin my little investigation?

Thanks, in advance.

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