[PATCH 1/3] Added wpa_config_get_all function

Witold Sowa witold.sowa
Wed Nov 18 06:25:37 PST 2009

Dan Williams pisze:
> On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 18:24 +0100, Witold Sowa wrote:
>>>> To recap, we finished with:
>>>> 1. Network configuration is available only to root and without secret
>>>> data like PSKs.
>>>> 2. WPS credentials are sent asynchronously only to root and only once
>>>> when received. They are not cashed and cannot we reread later.
>>>> jm: Is that secure enought? dcbw: Is that enough for NM requirements?
>>> That's fine for me. I would like to see NM starting to use this to see
>>> how it works in practice.
>> I have appropriate patches for NM done, but they are a bit messy. I'll
>> clean it up, and send on NM list by the end of the week, so dcbw could
>> apply it.
> Yeah, though they won't get in for NM 0.8 which I'd like to release in
> the next two weeks.  We can try to land them for NM 0.8.1 though with an
> appropriate auto fallback so that a minor point-release doesn't change
> the world.  Or some other mechanism so that we can easily get NM using
> it and still keep the "stable" bits.  I'd anticipate that NM 0.8.2 or NM
> 0.9 would use nl80211 exclusively for drivers that support it.
I sent a patch to NM list. It just switches NM to new DBus API. I will
send the AP mode and nl80211 patches later. What do you mean auto
fallback? You mean auto fallback from new DBus interface to the old one
if the new will not work somehow or rather you mean auto fallcack from
nl80211 to wext if it turns out that device doesn't work with nl80211?


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