help, how to make hostapd work well with the embed CPU which has hardware switch function

Xiangyong Chen ccxxyy
Wed Nov 18 01:20:59 PST 2009

Dear All,


My hostapd works in a embeded CPU, which has hardware switch function between ethernet port and wlan port. So it require to insert the switch code before the wlan driver's netif_rx function call. My enviroment is like this: realtek RTL8651C CPU, madwifi 0.9.4, the latest hostapd.

But there is the problem. After I insert switch code into the madwifi, the communication can not work under WPA/WPA2, but open/WEP is OK(the open/WEP operated by madwifi and the WPA/WPA operated by hostapd). So I need to find out where the hostapd's netif_rx function caller is or where should I insert the switch code.

I think I may meet people who use hardware switch chip here. Or someone is familiar with hostapd can help.

Please give me a hand. Or any advice is welcome.


By the way, the latest "developers' documentation for hostapd" can not been download from web-site. Hope it could be updated.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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