ath9k based AP stops responding after half a day or so

Rob Browning rlb
Sat Nov 7 14:18:12 PST 2009

Rob Browning <rlb at> writes:

> I have an machine that's running a recent compat-wireless (2009-10-17),
> kernel 2.6.30-2-686 (Debian), and a build of hostapd as of 2009-10-17
> (08d38568).  The machine also has an AR5008 (ath9k) based PCI card.
> After the machine reboots, wireless clients can connect to the AP
> normally for a half day or so.  Then, at some point, all connections
> fail, and clients cannot even see the network until the machine is
> rebooted.  Reloading the wireless modules, and restarting hostapd
> doesn't help.

Just as an update, this problem persists with hostapd as of eb999fef,
and compat-wireless 2009-11-03.

I'd be happy to provide further information.
Rob Browning
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