wpa_supplicant fails with WNDA3100 USB wlan card

Paresh Sawant paresh.sawant
Tue Nov 3 06:45:05 PST 2009


I am using wpa_supplicant (0.5.11) on Windows XP. The card I'm using
is WNDA3100 netgear USB wlan card. I'm using winpcap.

wpa_supplicant fails to initialize the interface with following debug message -

NDIS: Could not find interface '{21D72709-4FE4-4B40-A0D3-15B4C47E2726}'
Failed to initialize driver interface
Failed to add interface {21D72709-4FE4-4B40-A0D3-15B4C47E2726}
Cancelling scan request
Cancelling authentication timeout

- Paresh

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