Tomislav Parčina tomislav.parcina
Tue Nov 3 01:47:22 PST 2009

Datuma 3. studenoga 2009. 10:34 Maxence Dalmais
<maxence.dalmais at> je napisao/la:
> You probably need too libnl-dev.
> Best regards!

Hi Maxence!

I have working on it for some time and I have installed, among other
things, libnl-dev. Now I have problem with regulatory.bin file. Is
this error explanation correct? Do I need to create new regulatory.bin
file or download it from somewhere?

Here is the error that I receive:
/usr/src/crda-1.0.1$ sudo make
  CC   crda.o
  LD   crda
  CC   intersect.o
  CC   print-regdom.o
  LD   intersect
  CC   regdbdump.o
  LD   regdbdump
  CHK  /usr/lib/crda/regulatory.bin
Database signature verification failed.
make: *** [verify] Error 234

Best regards and thank you for your help!

Tomislav Par?ina

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