[PATCH 3/5] -m <ifname_match> matches interface names via fnmatch(3) and assigns them the default configuration file, like so

Sam Leffler sam
Wed May 27 17:59:53 PDT 2009

Roy Marples wrote:
> Sam Leffler wrote:
>> FWIW FreeBSD has support in the base system for dealing with hotplug
>> devices and all our efforts have been to move away from applications
>> growing this sort of functionality.  IMO this is the wrong approach to
>> the problem (for BSD at least).
> I disagree as it makes replacing a component with an alternative a non
> trival task.
> Let us take dhclient as an example - it's included in the base FreeBSD
> install. Now, how can I replace dhclient with dhcpcd [1]? I not only
> have to enable dhcpcd in rc.conf, but I also have to alter other system
> scripts and files. Is the user expected to be a programmer for such a
> simple task?
> In NetBSD you have the choice - enable dhclient or dhcpcd in rc.conf. No
> more action should be needed, and I'd like to see the same flexibility
> in wpa_supplicant.
> IMO FreeBSD has the wrong approach because it entwines programs such
> they cannot easily be changed out with alternatives, whether the
> alternatives be better or worse.

Sorry, this shows a clear lack of understanding of how freebsd works.  
Regardless so long as the changes you propose are #ifdef'd so I can 
avoid them I don't care what happens.


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