[PATCH 3/5] -m <ifname_match> matches interface names via fnmatch(3) and assigns them the default configuration file, like so

Sam Leffler sam
Wed May 27 16:41:54 PDT 2009

Roy Marples wrote:
> Jouni Malinen wrote:
>> Furthermore, I'm not sure this type of functionality should really be
>> part of wpa_supplicant. The more common way of doing this has been to
>> have an external component that is tracking hotplug devices add new
>> interfaces (e.g., through dbus or the global control interface; or by
>> running one wpa_supplicant process per interface, if desired).
> I'm surprised by that :)
> driver_bsd and driver_wext both have code that almost works for this and
> there are pre existing events for interfaces being added and removed.
> I'm just providing the last piece (well, for driver_bsd anyway).
> Yes, more common way is through an external component tracking devices
> and I myself wrote such code into Gentoo (well, the glue scripts at any
> rate).
> However, no BSD has dbus in the base system, nor is the global control
> interface a constant. Also, it requires script integration into the
> system which is not desirable for NetBSD, nor minimal Gentoo Linux
> installs. Going via kernel messages is a much cleaner and efficient method.

FWIW FreeBSD has support in the base system for dealing with hotplug 
devices and all our efforts have been to move away from applications 
growing this sort of functionality.  IMO this is the wrong approach to 
the problem (for BSD at least).


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