Hostapd wired authentication

Erdősi Péter fazy
Tue May 26 15:42:01 PDT 2009

I have some problem with my ieee802.1x authentication. I installed wpa 
supplicant to windows, and complied hostapd to linux. make radius with 
mysql and the authentication is work great, but in 5 minutes will be 
deauthenticated, and i don't know why. I tried to make reauth in every 1 
minute, but it's not help. After it started to read source, and find a 
part in ap_handle_timer function (in sta_info.c line 244) when ( I 
think) make a  session activation check.
But some debug I think, the if is not work because "if ((sta->flags & 
WLAN_STA_ASSOC) && ... " sta->flags not exist.
I'm not so skilled in C so maybe I think wrong.
If this problem and the solution sent before, I apologize. and please 
send me it again.

Thanks: Peter!

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