disabling wps

Kevin Mitchell kevmitch
Sat May 23 00:30:57 PDT 2009

I'm running wpasupplicant and wpagui 0.6.9 on Debian unstable.
I have been trying recently to disable WPS support to no avail. At the
very least, I would like to prevent WPA gui from switching to the WPS
tab everytime a WPS ap is detected.

I have tried recompiling the package setting CONFIG_WPS=n in
debian/config/linux which translates into the same setting in
wpasupplicant/.config. Everything compiles successfully, but when I
install the new .deb package wpa_gui still flashes to the WPS tab.
This happens even if I remove all traces of the default package and
kill all instances of wpa_supplicant and wpa_gui running before
installing the recompiled version. Has anyone else experienced this
config setting not working? Is there perhaps an other less obviously
named config setting that I also have to disable?


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