[RFC][PATCH] Enabling interface addition/removal detection and matching

Roy Marples roy
Wed May 20 01:34:28 PDT 2009

Masashi Honma wrote:
> You sent this mail to hostapd list and CCed to me.
> But this is not on list. Maybe because of attachment size.
> So I attached your full mail and compressed attachment.

I guess I should spend time making smaller patches now, for easy digest :)

In the meantime, comments on the compressed patch or the one I've posted 
here [1] are welcome

[1] http://www.netbsd.org/~roy/wpa.diff

> I will comment.
>> The only adjustment I've not incorporated is on his line
>> -301,13 +342,23 as I don't understand that part and it's
>> not in NetBSD cvs for wpa_supplicant.
> Yes. This is not on cvs, because it made by me.
> This patch will replace get_scan_results function with
> get_scan_results2 function.
> The get_scan_results is parsing WPA/RSN IEs by itself.
> Therefore the get_scan_results needs to be modified when we need
> additional IEs.
> Just now, we need WPS IE as additional IE.
> We have two selections for modification.
> First is modification of get_scan_results.
> Second is replace get_scan_results with get_scan_results2.
> On second selection, get_scan_results2 doesn't need to parse IEs
> by itself. Because upper function parse it. And we don't need to
> change get_scan_results2 anymore when other addtional IEs will be
> needed. Therefore I selected second way.

I don't claim to understand what you said, mainly as I'm not overly 
familiar with any wireless foo, beyond simple things like getting the 
ssid. Also, there is no reference to get_scan_results in that patch 
block. I guess what I'm really trying to ask is do we need the 
__NetBSD__ define there as it doesn't look NetBSD specific?



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