[HostAP] ARP packets forwarding

Alexandre Becholey alexandre
Mon May 11 08:04:13 PDT 2009


I've set up an Access Point on a PC with hostapd from git and the latest 
kernel from wireless-testing. This AP has an Ethernet interface (eth0) 
and a wireless interface (wlan0) which are bridged together (br0). I can 
associate with this AP with any pc (I can ping and ssh it). From these 
wirelessly connect PC (say stations), I can also ping and ssh any 
computer on the LAN (connected to eth0), but from the LAN PCs, I can't 
ping any stations.

With wireshark and tcpdump, I can see that there is a problem with the 
ARP packets. ARP request from the stations can reach any computers and 
they receive the corresponding replies. When a ARP request is sent by a 
LAN computer it arrives to the AP (I can see them on all interfaces with 
tcpdump), but I don't see them on the air with a computer sniffing the 
AP's channel with wireshark.

Do you have any clue where these ARP replies are blocked? There is the 
same problem with packets that are broadcasted (like ping -b 
"broad_cast_address"). Thanks

Best regards,

Alexandre Becholey

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