Problems about WEP key index and reload configuration

Ming Chiang chiamgming
Fri May 8 01:15:41 PDT 2009


    1.Hostapd 0.6.9's wep configuration seems not right on wep key index

    When I use wirelessExt tool to config wep key,
    iwconfig ath0 key [1] 1234567890
    Madwifi shows:
    ath0: ieee80211_crypto_setkey: WEP keyix 0 flags 0x7 mac
00:0d:02:30:00:01  tsc 0 len 5

    But if you set wep key using hostapd by setting config file as:
    Madwifi shows
    ath0: ieee80211_crypto_setkey: WEP keyix 4 flags 0x3 mac
ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  tsc 0 len 5

    wep key index seems wrong when using hostapd to config wep.

    2. ssid reload was missed in handle_reload functions
    When external registrar config the AP and override its ssid in M8. New
ssid won't be configured by handle_reload function.

    Wish to get your confirm on the above questions.

Best Regards!
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