Does WPA-NONE for ad hoc mode work?

Charles Gordon digigordo
Thu Jun 11 10:05:30 PDT 2009


Can someone tell me if the wpa_supplicant really supports WPA-NONE key
management for ad hoc mode?  I'm trying to get it to work in an
embedded device.  I'm starting to wonder if this mode of operation is
really supported by the wpa_supplicant.  Section of the 802.11
2007 specification says that stations should perform a 4-step key
exchange with each other.  I can see code in wpa_supplicant to receive
and process messages 1 and 3, and to send messages 2 and 4, but not
the other way around.  This is fine if you are exchanging keys with an
AP, but in an IBSS, the device has to be able to function as both a
client and a server, and it appears that the wpa_supplicant code only
operates as a client.

Perhaps I misunderstand the spec, or I'm not looking at the right
place in the code.  Does anyone know if the wpa_supplicant really
supports this mode of operation?  The mode of operation I'm referring
to is where the stations are in an IBSS and are configured to use
WPA-NONE key managment with AES or TKIP encryption.  There is a
preshared key, but the stations mung it around a bit to improve
security, hence the need for the 4-step key exchange.

--- Charles

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