ping times inconsistant and packet loss

Greg Munroe gmunroe
Fri Jul 17 04:55:08 PDT 2009

I have an embedded system (Atmel at91SAM9263 @200mhz) with bleeding edge
kernel 2.6.30 running WIFI over a USB stick. 
Managed and AD-HOC modes run fine and ping times are stable. I ported
over the hostapd-0.6.9 and compiled it using libnl1.1.
I was able to get the hostapd working on the Realteck RT73 and Atheros
AR9170 USB sticks, however, ping durations are inconsistent on either
USB stick.
On one laptop the pings latency was 7-300ms. On another PC the latency
was good (range 2-12ms).
If disconnect/reconnect, I can get both laptops to have unstable
Note: I made sure no other APs were near channel 6, I also tried channel
Has anyone seen this problem before? Any clue would be helpful.
Greg Munroe
KEYW Corp.
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