when I use WEP on hostap, It doesn't work

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jul 13 14:39:41 PDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-07-13 at 16:25 +0900, sukwoo song wrote:
> [ hostapd.conf]
> wep_default_key =0
> wep_key0=123456789a

I tried this with the current MadWifi (from Subversion) and the current
hostapd (from git) and I could not reproduce the problem.  The
association is working.

> I setup like the file.
> after setting the WEP, I can't access my AP with 123456789a

There is too little information to see what can be possibly wrong.

> My password might be uncorrecrt.

It's unclear why you think so.

> before setting the WEP, It works fine.

Did you use WPA or just an open AP?  Maybe you need to disable WPA?

> can anyone teach me how to setup WEP on  HOSTAPD??
> or some doc??

The original hostapd.conf is supposed to be that document.

Pavel Roskin

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