when I use WEP on hostap, DHCP doesn't work

Tim Connolly voyd
Sun Jul 12 02:02:46 PDT 2009

sukwoo song wrote:
> hostap works well on my linux with DHCP.
> However, If I setup WEP, clients can't get IP by DHCP.
> [..]

Chuck Tuffli wrote:
> Can you ping another host or the AP if you manually configure an IP address on the client(s) having the problem? If so, you have a DHCP problem. If not, it sounds more like the WEP key is incorrect on the client.

FWIW, I see similar behaviour with WPA. When configured as an open access 
point everything works fine but with WPA enabled verbose output shows:
... WPA: pairwise key handshake completed (RSN)

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