wpa_gui and WEP modes

Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge
Wed Jan 14 11:09:34 PST 2009

I was wondering why wpa_gui does not have a checkbox or something for
selecting shared key WEP?  This cannot be auto-detected, right?  In my
experience so far I have to add the line


manually.  So this is the only thing so far I don't see how to
configure with the GUI, which is otherwise pretty awesome.

One more minor nit about the gui:  When I exit from my KDE session, it
remembers that wpa_gui was running (in the tray!  I love that feature)
and then next time I log in to KDE, it will autostart it... but it
does not automatically minimize to the tray again, so I get the
wpa_gui window popping up every time I log in.  If I create a script
in .kde/Autostart to launch it with the -t option, then I get two
instances running.  IMHO both of these are minor bugs: it should
remember whether it was minimized to the tray and start up the same
way when autolaunched (somehow, but I don't understand what the
mechanism would be for it to tell the difference); and if you run a
second instance as the same user, it should probably just restore the
window for the existing one rather than running an actual second
process with a second window (and currently you can even get two icons
on the tray if you close both of them).

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