Cannot see hostapd machine in scan results (but seeing beacons sent from it if sniffing)

Andy Johnson johnsonzjo
Fri Jan 2 23:41:27 PST 2009


I am using latest hostapd from the git tree and the latest
wireless-testing tree.
; I had started the hostapd daemon
with ssid=myWirelessNet on machine A . When I run a sniffer (wireshark) on a
nearby machine, I see beacon frames constantly sent from machine A with
ssid=myWirelessNet and with the proper mac address. This is of course what
is expected.
But when I scan from that same nearby machine
(after setting its mode to managed) I **do not** see machine A! This seems
to me very strange. What can be the reason for it? (My wireless nic on
machine A is rt73usb.)

with Regards,

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