wpa_cli signal level

Tamas Selmeci tselmeci
Tue Feb 24 04:27:19 PST 2009

Tim Chick wrote:

> Are you using the wext driver?

No, the driver itself is not defined exactly, the wpa_supplicant command 
line is as follows:

wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -B -c scanning.conf

Since I'm using ath9k, I assume nl80211 driver is being used.

> wpa_cli should return the signal level in dBm : the -55 reading above.

Earlier I used madwifi with -Dmadwifi option, and it also reported the 
signal levels the way nl80211/ath9k does. And I made a few attempts with 
-Dwext also, but unfortunately I cannot already remember the signal 
levels reported...

Tamas Selmeci
R&D Engineer

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